Welcome to Aspire Speech and Debate Club

Aspire is parent-led and provides instruction, practice, and competition in the sport of public speaking and debate. As part of the Stoa Christian homeschool speech and debate league, Aspire is a new club meeting in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Location: Parker Road Bible Church 18512 Parker Road Mokena, IL
Meeting Time: Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

*The Student Registration above is not yet active, so please look at the Parent Information page for registration requirements.

Why Aspire?

We believe that Christians should be ambitious toward conduct that will glorify God, so
*We aspire to honor and glorify God and have a more significant relationship with the Lord.
*We aspire to deepen communication skills in tandem with building relationships with my teammates and co-competitors.
*We aspire to serve others and strengthen bonds while preserving ourselves by having realistic expectations in the competitive arena.


“Competing in speech and debate was a life-changing decision and the best experience of my high school years. I am a more well-rounded person as a result of being challenged by so many different types of events–and the benefits have carried over into my college experience!” –Hannah, alumna