3/27 Open House - Invite your friends
3/23 Homeschool Resource Fair Mokena
1/22/24 Thanks for a great practice tournament. Remember we don't have club this week, but bring your ballots next week (1/31/24) and we'll jump right into speech and debate. Thanks again.
12/21 Merry Christmas Everyone!
12/20 Christmas Party at Maue home 1-4 p.m. Bring snack to share.
==Watch: Tournament Hints Video
12/13 Next Wednesday 12/20 Christmas Party at Maue Home 1-4 p.m. Bring snack to share.
11/29 We will have a Christmas Party at the Maue home on 12/20 1-4 p.m. More information to come.
11/15 Remember we resume class on Wednesday, November 29.
11/8 We have a two-week break and will meet again on Wednesday, November 29.
11/1 prepare for Aspire practice day
10/25 Reminder - Aspire Practice Day 11/3 1-6 p.m. Email will go out 10/31 with details.
10/18 Check out as an apologetics resource
10/4 For anyone wanting to practice speeches or debates, we have arranged to have a practice day on 11/3/23 from 1-6 p.m. at New Covenant Community Church Joliet
Also, we have scheduled a practice tournament on 1/19-20/24 at Calvary Bible Church Bourbonnais.
9/30/23 Please pay your Extemp Fee of $16.20
8/30/23 We will have our first meeting on September 13 at Parker Road Bible Church.
No drinks or snacks are allowed in the facility. Only water is allowed.

Weekly Assignments:


3/13 Prepare an Apologetics speech from Category 1-3
1/31/24 Working on speeches after reviewing some encouragements on your ballots.
12/6 Speech work
12/13 Please work on the suggestions made at our meeting today. Work on these while they are fresh on your mind.
11/29 The next four club meetings will focus on performing speeches in preparation for our January practice tournament. Please come ready to give speeches and receive feedback from parents.
11/9 further your speeches
11/1 further speeches
10/25 Continue working on Speeches
10/18 Continue working on Platform and Interp Speeches
10/11 Continue working on Platform and Interp Speeches
10/4 - Continue Platform speeches; Pick out Interp piece/literature and start Plot Diagram
9/27 - Continue working on your platform speech goals. For Interpretation speeches, pick out 2-3 literature pieces that follow the Plot Diagram of characters/setting/conflict/resolution.
9/20 - continue working on your thesis, three points, and goals/deadlines
9/13 Brainstorm speech ideas and three points. Determine which kind of platform speech fits your needs. Set goal dates for platform speech research and writing.
9/7 - Review the definitions of Pathos, Logos, and Ethos in the speech application

Limited Preparation Speech

12/13 Continue to work on Impromptu and Apologetics
11/29 Prepare a Category 3 Apologetics speech for 12/6
11/8 prepare an Apologetics speech for 11/29 from Category 2 questions
11/1 prepare Apologetics category 1 questions
10/25 New students prepare an Apologetics speech for next week. Experienced students prepare Apologetics Category 1 Questions 1-4 for a speech next week.
And prepare your Category 6 question for class time.
10/18 Prepare your Category 5 question for Apologetics
10/11 Prepare your Category 4 question for Apologetics
10/4 Prepare your Category 3 question for Apologetics
Extempers can prep a question for next week.
9/27 Prepare your Category 2 question for Apologetics
9/20 - Prepare your Category 1 question for Apologetics, print out the question list.
9/13 - for next week bring a few 3x5 cards for Impromptu speeches or a few 4x6 cards for Apologetics. Correction: there are only 84 Apologetics questions.


3/6/24 TP Debate
2/28/24 Parliamentary Debate
1/31/24 Check in with debate homework.
12/13 Great work today in debating!!!
11/8 no debate new homework - finish up 11/1 email homework
10/25 Read the debate articles that will be shared via email and be ready to discuss next week.
10/11 Debate homework -
Come prepared with a full 1st Negative Constructive Speech flow for the club case. This includes the "tags" for your arguments, fully "fleshed out" arguments, and evidence for each argument against the club case. Remember that constructive speeches are 8 minutes long. Be prepared to give the 8-minute speech during club meeting time. :)
10/4 Debate homework
9/27 Review club case
9/20 - review notes from 9/20 class
9/13 Experienced students continue working on the club case. New students can look up 2 definitions of Electric vehicle, Electric Vehicle Subsidies, Energy Policy, Substantial, Reform,
9/7 - Research and find 5 credible or non-credible sources of information on Electric Vehicle subsidies and copy and paste it into a Word document with a short summary.